Foot and ankle issues can result from poorly fitted shoes, diabetes, arthritis, and others.  This sometimes can lead to temporary acute pain. However, when the pain gets severe, you need to visit a podiatrist in Phoenix for proper diagnosis and treatment. A podiatrist is specialized in treating various foot and ankle issues. He can offer you a range of medical care associated with ankle, foot, and lower leg problems. Even in extreme situations, he can perform necessary surgeries to help the patient get relief. Here are some of the situations where you need to schedule an appointment with a good podiatrist.

1. You have started running regularly

Regular runners are prone to foot pain and leg issues. After accessing the body and feet, a podiatrist will identify the potential issue and recommend the right tips to avoid them. Also, they can recommend the best athletic shoes for your feet.

2.You feel joint pain in ankles and feet

If you find your feet joints swollen, tender, stiff, or red, you must visit a podiatrist for the necessary diagnosis. Arthritis can greatly affect the functioning of the feet. A podiatrist can develop the right treatments for you to help you get relief.

3.You are diabetic

A diabetic patient can easily develop foot problems which include everything from dry skin to serious infections. So if you have diabetes, make a visit to the podiatrist timely for necessary examinations. Having a podiatrist in your healthcare team will reduce amputation risk.

4.Excessive heel pain

Heel pain can be a result of various things. It can be due to an inflamed tendon or a bony growth on the heel. But if you are experiencing extreme and constant pain, then you must visit a podiatrist for diagnosis. The professional will perform the foot examination and develop or treatment plan best suited for you.

5. Stubborn ingrown toenails

An ingrown toenail can lead to severe infections. Generally, the issue affects the toenail. If you see many drainages or red toenails, you must visit a podiatrist for treatment. In some situations, the doctor might remove the nail part and prescribe certain medications if the area is infected.

6. You have a broken bone or sprain

A podiatrist specializes in treating broken bones, sprains, and ankle issues. They can easily diagnose the injury and develop the best treatment. Also, a podiatrist can create a flexible cast for you to help the affected area heel better. Swelling, redness, trouble walking, and constant pain are some of the indications you need to visit a foot and ankle Phoenix specialist for diagnosis.

Visit the best foot and ankle specialist for quality care.

A timely visit to a good foot and ankle specialist can help reduce the chances of infection or foot issues. So if you are suffering from any of the situations mentioned above, it is time for you to schedule an appointment with a specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment. When looking for a good podiatrist in Phoenix, Bellagio Foot & Ankle is here to deliver you comprehensive care and support. We are renowned for offering the highest quality treatment and medical support, which help the patient get relief from the issue quickly. Also, all of our treatment plans are customized to fit well in our patients’ requirements and lifestyles.

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