Achilles Tendonitis Specialist

If you have pain and swelling above your heel, Achilles tendonitis may be the problem. This condition can eventually turn into an incapacitating problem if you don’t get treatment promptly, but luckily there are excellent solutions available at Bellagio Foot & Ankle. For fast pain relief that gets you moving again without worry, call the office nearest you or make your appointment online now.

What is Achilles tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis is inflammation and swelling of one of the most crucial tendons in your entire body, the Achilles tendon that connects your heel to your calf. Although your Achilles tendon is the strongest (and also the biggest) tendon in your entire body, it can still be vulnerable to damage when overstretched.

If you have Achilles tendonitis, you may experience severe pain, swelling, and even difficulty standing or walking if you don’t address the problem promptly.

What causes Achilles tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis is typically related to overuse. It can be common in athletes, such as runners who suddenly ramp up daily mileage or start running on new terrain. But, Achilles tendonitis can also develop even if you never exercise at all, especially if your feet roll inward when you walk, a condition called overpronation.

Heel bone deformities can also lead to Achilles tendonitis, as can having a naturally short Achilles tendon.

How is Achilles tendonitis treated?

Achilles tendonitis treatment at Bellagio Foot & Ankle relieves your pain while helping you fully heal. Treatment may include:

  • Ice for your foot and ankle
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Cortisone injections
  • Exercises to stretch and strengthen the tendon
  • Braces or splints
  • Custom orthotics

Other noninvasive treatments may also help; your Bellagio Foot & Ankle podiatrist will design the individualized recovery plan that helps you best.

If your Achilles tendonitis persists or worsens into a severe tear or rupture, you may require surgery to repair the damaged portion of your tendon. Following surgery, your podiatrist typically recommends physical therapy to help you quickly recover your full strength and mobility.

Achilles tendonitis doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying your life if you ask for help. Click the online scheduler or call the Bellagio Foot & Ankle office near you to make an appointment now.

When should I get treatment for Achilles tendonitis?

In general, the sooner the better. Achilles tendonitis tends to get worse without treatment. If you continue with your regular routine, you run a serious risk of complications like an Achilles tendon tear or even rupture that could leave you unable to bear any pressure on your foot.

If you see your Bellagio Foot & Ankle podiatrist while the problem is still limited to inflammation, you can enjoy the safest and most effective recovery possible.

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