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Foot or ankle issues can be extremely painful and cause great trouble when not taken care of in time. Searching for the best Foot and Ankle Doctor can be difficult, because you’re sure to find multiple professionals who can offer good service. However, it is essential that you trust only the best for your podiatric needs. Of all the choices you might come across, Bellagio Foot & Ankle is preferred by many! We will take care of your personal needs and provide necessary treatment.

With years of expertise and advanced technology, our clinic provides customized treatment that yields great results.  Bellagio Foot & Ankle is well established in multiple locations throughout Arizona, known for providing five star assistance to AZ locals. The dedication of our board certified team and director, Dr. Kim, has driven major success – leading to the expansion of our new office branch in Casa Grande. 

The new office location will open its doors on October 26th, 2021, ready to fulfill the needs and demands of anyone seeking medical treatment for podiatry issues. Bellagio Foot & Ankle strives to ensure everyone gets the best quality treatment with high-quality care and physician expertise, utilizing the latest technology. 

The new office will be located at: 1968 N Peart Rd #102 Casa Grande, AZ 85122 (tentatively).


Services Offered At Bellagio Foot & Ankle

Below we have highlighted some of the services that our clinic will offer.

  •     Wound care

After our specialist assesses the wound, they will determine the necessary treatment method. We use the most up-to-date process for ensuring fast recovery. Some methods we use for wound treatment are: vacuum-controlled assisted closure therapy (VAC), exercise counseling, footwear guidelines, advanced surgical flap, and Unna boots.  

  •     Bunions

With the help of our experienced professionals, you will finally get back to your normal life within a short time. We make use of the latest technology and treatment plans to offer fast results. Bunion treatment depends on your specific needs, so your podiatrist will customize a plan for you. Treatment options typically include:

  • Padding
  • Taping
  • Cortisone injections
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Custom orthotics

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In some serious cases, surgery may be needed, in which a bunionectomy will be performed. 

  •      Pediatric Foot Care

You can rely on the experts at our clinic for your pediatric needs. We are known for providing effective treatment to ensure that your child gets relief and proper foot care. After assessing the overall health of the child and medical needs, the specialist will determine the root cause and come up with a customized treatment plan. 

Children’s podiatric issues will be treated with the least invasive procedures available. Treatments typically begin with different types of physical therapy and may include padding, splints, or braces. Surgery is only used in the most extreme situations. If surgery is required, the office is equipped to help your child through the procedure using anesthesia and pain relief options. Your provider will provide you with clear aftercare instructions for your child. Early treatment of foot and ankle doctor conditions can be extremely important for preventing further issues from developing.

If you have any concerns about your child’s foot care, call the office or schedule an appointment

  •     Diabetic Foot Care

For people suffering from diabetes, it is crucial to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. At Bellagio Foot & Ankle, we have access to quality care and the full support of experienced professionals for prevention and treatment. Getting diabetic foot care often and regularly could mean the difference between walking or needing a wheelchair.

Without comprehensive foot care, diabetic patients are more likely to have amputations than those with routine checkups. At Bellagio Foot & Ankle, our expert team evaluates your feet and establishes individualized care. Your provider starts treatment on any current issues and helps you prevent future problems.

  •     Others

We also offer numerous services for Hammertoe, Achilles Tendonitis, ingrown toenails, Athlete’s Foot, and nail fungus. 


Bellagio Foot & Ankle at Casa Grande

Our services are available at a highly affordable rate, and we accept most major insurances! With the expansion of our new office in Casa Grande, podiatry treatment has never been easier to find. Rest assured, you will have the ease of scheduling an appointment with the best podiatry specialists in town. 

We are happy to serve Arizona, and hope to receive the same love and attention at our Casa Grande office, as our other locations. We assure you that we will provide nothing less than the best medical help you deserve.

Be sure to stop by the new Casa Grande office on October 26th, 2021. We hope to see you there!

We will be located at: 1968 N Peart Rd #102 Casa Grande, AZ 85122 (tentatively).

If you or someone you love is in need of podiatry treatment, book your appointment now.  

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