Diabetic foot is a highly common medical condition found in diabetic patients. That can be managed with proper exercise, diet, and insulin treatment. It results in skin breakdown, leading to exposure of the underneath layers to the outside elements. Primarily, this condition is commonly seen on the big toes. Diabetic patients have a great chance of developing foot ulcers. However, with proper foot care and prevention, there is a chance to keep yourself safe from this painful medical condition.
We encourage diabetic patients to visit a good Podiatrist Phoenix near them, as soon as they can, to work towards proper foot health. Whenever you start noticing a change in your foot appearance or health, make sure to schedule an appointment with a Podiatrist Phoenix as soon as possible to ensure you get the right treatment.

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Diabetic Foot Treatment

During your visit, a Podiatrist Phoenix may prescribe you certain antiplatelets, antibiotics, or anti-clotting medications to help treat any existing ulcers. Certain medications may be needed. If the situation has progressed beyond treatment. Below are some treatments and preventive measures that can be taken for Diabetic Foot:

• If ulcers are present, avoid walking to prevent pain and progressive injury
• Wear shoes designed specifically for Diabetics
• Wear foot braces daily
• Use shoe inserts to prevent corns
• Casts may be applied
• Utilize compression wraps

If the state of Diabetic Foot becomes too serious, a Podiatrist Phoenix might suggest a surgical procedure. Remember, Diabetic Foot conditions are treated according to the case severity. So it is always important to schedule an appointment for a consultation first. The tissue around the affected area might be sent to a medical lab for testing to determine the right antibiotic, if the case calls for medication. If serious infection is suspected, the Podiatrist Phoenix might recommend an X-ray procedure to rule out any chances of bone infection.

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Infection Prevention

To avoid any potential medical procedures or treatment, we highly suggest implementing proper preventative care for your feet:

• Disinfecting the skin around any existing ulcers
• Enzyme treatments
• Washing the feet regularly
• Using antibacterial dressings to prevent bacterial growth
• Keeping any existing ulcers dry

Surgical Procedure

If you are suffering from a severe case of Diabetic Foot, the doctor might recommend surgery in efforts to get you back to a better quality of life. During this surgical procedure, the Podiatrist Phoenix will remove the skin from around the affected area. Surgery will help prevent existing ulcers from worsening, which can eventually lead to possible needs for amputation.

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