Bunions are a common foot issue that develops when the tissue or bone at the bottom of the big toe is misplaced. Further, as the big toe takes the maximum weight and pressure while you walk, it can be very painful. In fact, their growth can make the joint stiff while making it difficult for you to wear shoes. Therefore make sure to consult a podiatrist in Phoenix to receive adequate treatment options for your condition and get relief from the issue as soon as possible. In addition to the specialist visit, here are some of the ways you can manage bunions yourself-

1. Wear proper footwear

When suffering from bunions, avoid wearing stilettos or flip flops. Better wear shoes that offer proper support and help reduce the pressure on the joint of the big toe. Also, see that the shoes you are wearing are of perfect fit and have got a wide toe area while their heel is 1 to 2 inches wide.

Avoid purchasing any shoes based on your shoe size as different brand sizes are different, and thus, you should pay close attention to what fits you comfortably. You can even wear inserts in your shoes to receive adequate support.

2. Stretch your toes

Moving your toes or keeping them in motion can help reduce stiffness and relieve the pain you experience from a bunion. Just ensure that you take the shoes off and move your toes from time to time. Better use toe spacers at night or while wearing shoes to reduce any pressure on the toes.

3. Reduce inflammation 

Putting your feet in warm water for at least 30 minutes can help soothe the bunion and reduce any possible inflammation. Also, you can use ice packs to reduce inflammation. In addition to this, you should take necessary nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain or inflammation from bunions.

4. Pamper your feet

While your time, make sure to keep your feet elevated for the longest time possible during the day. In case you have to stand for longer durations, make sure to take frequent breaks to put your feet at rest. Also, use cushions for the bunions as they can help relieve the pressure and any chances of friction between the toes and shoes. Moreover, manually massaging the big toe can also help greatly.

5. Exercise the feet

The weak muscles of the feet can cause trouble walking and increase the pain. Therefore make sure to perform strengthening exercises that help relieve pain in bunions. One of the most effective exercises is to lift your toes up and leave while your foot is suspended in the air. For few seconds, ensure to keep hold of the position and then release. You can also try spreading your toes apart and moving the big toe towards the inward side of the foot. No matter you are standing or sitting, the exercise can be performed, whichever is most suitable for the patient.

6.  Surgery

Finally, if the bunions are too painful and show no improvement with various treatments and home remedies, surgery is recommended. The surgery is mainly performed to help relieve the pain and bring back the big toe to its correct position by adjusting the bones, ligaments, tendons, and nerves to their correct positions.

Bunion generally develops because of the way the person walks or the type of shoes they wear. Therefore, it is essential to follow the tips to help get relief from the pain.

Connect with a professional to receive the best help

Although the home remedies to treat bunions can help you get relief from pain, it is advisable to visit a foot and ankle clinic Phoenix specialist to ensure you follow the right treatment for your specific case. Therefore, make sure to connect with Bellagio Foot & Ankle to receive the help you deserve. The specialist at our clinic is highly experienced and certified to deal with such situations efficiently. In fact, our specialist tries to help the patient get relief from the issue without any surgical procedures unless required. Thus, you need not worry about the treatment at all.

So, to ensure you receive nothing less than the best for your foot problem, make sure to schedule an appointment with our specialists.